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~Friends Only~
♣ all fanfiction is public // personal entries are f-locked
♣ if you're just here for fic feel free to friend away without asking

Map of your head; Kate. London. England. [Going to college in Massachusetts]
Passionate bordering on obsessive about music. I listen to anything & everything.
I usually take a book everywhere I go.

In your world; I squee a lot, I write sometimes and
on occasion I may actually sound sane. I like to interact with my f-list so
if you’re one of those lurky lurkers I probably won’t friend you back,
I make a point to get to know people on my f-list and expect somewhat of the same in return.

Muse * Red Hot Chili Peppers * Bloc Party * Bon Iver * Dire Straits * Laura Marling
* Franz Ferdinand * David Bowie * Massive Attack * Pink Floyd

I like a hell of a lot more music than I managed to fit on this post, those are just some of my favourites
[especially Muse because I am obsessed to a ridiculous degree]
I like pretty much everything, see my for more info on that.
I get obsessed with random songs for long periods of time,
I will often have a selection of songs on repeat for the entirety of a month.
Pet peeves include: people not replying to comments on their entries and
ignorance of Muse that's it really, I'm pretty easygoing.

I love awesome 90s cartoons that remind me of my childhood and
I get randomly obsessed with shows depending on the hotness of the actors.
Supernatural was my biggest fandom for a long time & I will always love it
but I am not so much in any fandom anymore. I've been idly moving between
them in an extremely sporadic manner for a while; and I watch way too much TV.
I recently had a Harry Potter relapse and remembered the obsession
I had and will always have with that fandom.
Doctor Who/Torchwood and Star Trek XI were also big fandoms of mine and possibly
will still read/write for them depending on my mood (I am very fickle).
And Batman.

Supernatural * Merlin * Torchwood * White Collar * Life on Mars * The Mighty Boosh * Chuck * HIMYM
* Bones * Firefly * Doctor Who * Veronica Mars * Scrubs * 24 * True Blood * Ashes to Ashes * Suits

In conclusion; I am rambly, hyperactive, easily amused and very often
sarcastic to the point where I don’t even know when I’m being serious.
I probably drink too much and smoke too much (read: I am your average student).
I am addicted to gigs/perfume/my iPod...and the potential for much more.

I overuse the word ‘epic’ a disgusting amount and on that note;
I think Lord of the Rings pretty much defines the word epic.
And my motto in life has basically become: If in doubt quote Wayne’s World
or Monty Python and all will be right with the world once more.

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